About Adventure Games Site

Adventure games online is a good old type of gameplay for millennials and others. These games are so different but so similar and loved. The plot and the graphics are unique for each game but the aim is to enjoy – this is what connects all these action-adventure games online.

The heritage of GTA is now transformed in easy and enertaining games to play online and for free.

How to play Adventure online games?

All that is in common is you are leading a character, who is playing any role the game request. You have to make deals and solve the problems of the game to go to the next level or to pass the game. But bear in mind each game is unique and needs you to figure it out at first.

Do not worry, all the games have in-game instructions of how to play to win. Just read it beforehand and you’re done.

What is the Online Adventure Game?

This is a collection of the most interesting action-adventure online games. We have made our best t make those game available for free or you. Just turn on the full screen mode of your device and dive into the world of adventure online games.

TOP 10 most interesting Adventure Games online

  1. Stick War New Age;
  2. Rabbit Samurai 2;
  3. Into Space 2;
  4. Reach The Core;
  5. Deep Space Horror Outpost;
  6. Light In The Dark;
  7. Ultimate Birds Adventure;
  8. Roller Ball 5;
  9. Squid Challenge 2;
  10. Blocky Roads Online.