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Blocky Roads Online Blocky Roads Online

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Blocky Roads Online Game


Meet the interesting game Blocky Roads Online. Drive your vehicle. You need to get to the finish line. So you can pass each level. The game is free, so you have no restrictions. Collect all the things on the farm so you can upgrade your vehicles. Start your car and conquer new places and beautiful landscapes. You can meet different weather in this game. Good pictures will meet on your way. A natural phenomenon has destroyed your farm. Rebuild it and find all the necessary items. Different tasks will make the game even more interesting. You will need to deliver the cargo, destroy the monster, and do something very fast. The more coins you find, the better your transport will be.


You need to drive fast, then stop to collect coins and other things. Then your transport will be even better.


You can use the mouse to drive or use the screen on your mobile.

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