Cube Craft Survival

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Cube Craft Survival Cube Craft Survival

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5/5 - (1 votes)
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Cube Craft Survival Game


Well, the struggle for survival has begun. Who is stronger? Who will win in Cube Craft Survival? You will find the answers in this game. Explore your territory and collect weapons for protection. There are many animals in this area that need to be protected. Gather all your things, get your weapons and clothes ready, and go hunting. Don’t forget to bring a snack. This game is beyond reality, time passes like one minute. Are you ready for a new journey?


Move: WASD or left click
Rotate the camera: Q and E
Fastest attack: left Shift
Take, attack, or interact: tap the left mouse button Action menu or Cancel: tap the right mouse button
Closest interaction: Space
Enlarge image in the game: Mouse scroll wheel

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